Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Compare, Contrast, & a Playground

 Last year I put hula-hoops on my classroom wish list. My co-workers wondered why, but I use them for several different things. They can be used as a way to keep centers from spreading out. The kids can sit on the outside and keep the materials inside. They can be used as bubbles around kiddos that tend to touch their friends at rug time. They work for recess, even when it's inside. However, my favorite way to use them is to create an instant Venn Diagram.

I broke out my hula-hoops, had the kids sit around the edge of the rug, and used them to model comparing and contrasting. We used the books Chewy Louie and Harry Hungry! They were perfect for this lesson.

Chewy Louie is about a puppy that eats everything from toys to part of the house. Harry Hungry is about a baby with an insatiable appetite. The adults in both books try to stop the destruction. Chewy Louie is teething and outgrows it. Hungry Harry is just very hungry until he falls asleep. The books paired perfectly and made this lesson very obvious for my students. They really got it and I will definitely be pulling these books out again for this same skill next year.

On another note, today was big day at my house. We are getting ready for my little one's 5th birthday and today her birthday present arrived. Check out the new playground. She's in love. I think know she would move in if I'd let her.

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  1. I love how hands on this is for the kids to literally put their notes in the hoops to compare and contrast! I can see how this would be great for working in small groups!

    I found you as I was perusing through the list of other teachers participating in the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot...I'm your newest follower!

    Great {First Grade} Expectations

  2. I also love your idea to make the interaction between the kids and you..Great story.. :)
    lisa | black suits