Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg Hunt Freebie

Yippie! We have one more day before Spring Break. Of course it is going to be a crazy day since we have Friday tests, Career Day, sack lunches, and Spring Snack tomorrow. Yeah it's going to be a jam packed day!

I am planning for the possible need for a filler activity tomorrow with this egg hunt around the school. The prize is going to be some bunny graham cookies. The egg hunt ties in a little review of some language arts concepts, but it is definitely nothing heavy. I will cut out and tape these eggs around the school in the morning and then if I need to take the kiddos out of the room while the parent sets up for Spring Snack of if there is a gap in the day, I am all ready to go. The hunt will take us back to our room for our snack. You can grab it as a freebie by clicking on one of the pictures. (The first egg had an error. I've since updated it. Sorry!)