Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bump, Bump, Went the Leprechaun

I don't know if you know the song Alice the Camel, but it is stuck in my head, especially, the line where everyone used to bump hips at summer camp. Why?

Well, I've been busy making these cute little freebies. Yep, I made Bump game boards. Bump is a great game for practicing addition facts to 12. Students roll a pair of dice and cover up the sums. They can bump the other player off if they roll a sum that's already been covered. Fun! I love it when learning and fun "bump" into each other. Seriously, that was corny, but I do love it when the kids are having fun while they learn.

Just click on the picture for the version(s) you want. As always, I appreciate comments and I love followers. Let me know if you like these and I'll keep making them.

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