Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Water, Clouds, and Weather

The last unit we did in science was water and the water cycle. Fun stuff! The kids had a blast learning the water cycle song by Have Fun Teaching. You can find it here. We had hand motions for it too. The kids raised their hands up for evaporation, made circles over their heads with their arms for condensation, and made rain with their fingers for precipitation. We just danced in place and sang for the rest of the song.

I incorporated art with the cloud critters pictured above this. The kids glued cotton balls onto the cloud cutouts and then added the legs and arms. It was simple, but the kids thought it was fun. We also did a shared writing activity summarizing the water cycle. Then I covered up some key vocabulary words (condensation, evaporation, precipitation) and wrote a word bank. The kids copied the shared writing and added the words back in the correct spots.

Our next science unit will be about weather. I am ready for it with these weather vocabulary cards. I love the font. These are a freebie at my TPT store. So, just click on the picture if you would like a copy.


If you have any fabulous activities you use when teaching about weather please share them in the comments. I would welcome any suggestions. I love comments followers. If you don't already follow me, I would love it if you would. Thanks for stopping by.