Thursday, September 8, 2011

International Literacy Day

I have been making comprehension games for the first unit of the first grade Reading Street. These are partner games that focus on comprehension skills for the weekly story. I love them because they are fun and motivating for my students and they help my students prepare for their weekly test. The kids win because they get to play a game and I win because they get some extra practice. Love it! Unit 1 is available on TPT and includes six games for just $1.50. Unit 2 will be posted tomorrow!
Today is International Literacy Day. So, I wanted to share a free file too. These are segmenting tools. You can use them to help students learn to sound out words. The students says the word or syllable they need to spell. It it is a multiple syllable word the student should sound out one syllable at a time. Then he or she points to each circle saying the sound and writes the letter or letters making the sound below it. I laminated them and use them with dry erase crayons. This strategy has helped my students who could'nt segment learn how. I have been using them at home with my four year old too and she is now sounding out CVC words. It's made a big difference.

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