Thursday, September 22, 2011

I haven't been online much this week. My Google Reader had 500 posts to read when I looked at it today! Yikes! If you are wondering why I haven't been around much, it is because I have been too busy getting ready for family visits and then enjoying their visits.

I have been enjoying a fabulous week off with my family. We had family visiting from North Carolina and England. We have had a ton of fun. My daughter met her grandpa and his wife from England for the first time and got to see her little cousin and aunt from North Carolina.

We all went to the Georgia Aquarium and watched the awesome dolphin show. My daughter and I love the dolphin show. She got her face painted like a unicorn. The picture doesn't do the painting justice.

We also went to the Cabbage Patch Hospital where we looked at all the babies and then picked a cheaper one at the gift shop. Do you remember them? Other places we went this week were the fair, apple orchards, etc... It was a busy week, but we had a ton of fun.

Anyway, now I am back. I can't wait to read all the posts on my Google Reader and get back to my blogging. I've missed it.

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