Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Constitution Day Freebie

I have been looking for materials to use on Friday for Constitution Day. I didn't find much that was suited to first grade. I did find a few things, but not as much as I would have thought would be available for such an important topic. So, I made a few things to use and I thought I would share them with you.

I made letters for and a worksheet for students to build words with.
I also wrote a little book to use to open our discussion of the constitution.

I am planing to follow the book with the Liberty Kids episode, "We the People." After the discussion, we will create an anchor chart as a class that the students can use to complete their own graphic organizer and writing. I will also probably have the students make a flag.

You can download the materials I made here. Enjoy! If you have any materials you would like to suggest related to Constitution Day, please leave a comment below. I would love to find some more resources. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for sharing this!!!
    Paying it forward! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out: http://ateenytinyteacher.blogspot.com/2011/09/emmy-awards.html

  2. Oh! How I wish I had this for Constitution Day! I am so far behind in reading blogs on Google Reader that I just found this. I will be sure to file it away fro next year. Thank you!



  3. Thank you for these... they're great!!