Sunday, August 28, 2011

Short Vowel Freebie

Have you ever heard of word ladders?  Word ladders are a type of puzzle that consists of a chain of words that change by one letter each time. They are a great way to explore the patterns in words. They can also introduce students to new vocabulary words.

I am reviewing short vowel CVC words with my first graders right now. I made a set of word ladders to use with them this week and I wanted to share them with you all. These word ladders are short and simple, because most of my students will never have used word ladders before and I want to be sure they understand the concept before giving them more challenging ones.

Each word ladder has five words in all. I have made three levels in order to be able to differentiate. You can grab them by clicking on one of the pictures below.



  1. Perfect! We just started working on Long and short vowels last week!

    BTW . . .
    Love your blog! I chose you as one of my Top 10! Go to my post to get your award!