Monday, August 15, 2011

Visual Schedule

I needed to create a visual schedule for my classroom at school. I had used one before, but I didn't like it because the times were digital and my clock at school is analog. My first graders don't know time to the quarter hour yet and it was confusing. So, I made a new one with analog clocks. I couldn't find a blank analog clock in the clipart I own. So, I had to make that first. Anyway, I have posted my visual schedule cards on my TPT store for $4.00. The set includes 54 cards!

Also, I wanted to share with you that Rainbows Within Reach is having a book give away of Red, White, and Blue by Debbie Clement. It is a picture book resource for honoring September 11th. I was studying abroad in Coasta Rica on September 11th. I came out of my class at the University of San Jose and was returning to my host family's home. People kept asking me how I was. As I responded that I was fine, they kept telling me that I was not okay and then going into a rapid discussion of bombs, attacks, and New York. It was very confusing. I thought I had forgotten my Spanish or lost my mind because I just couldn't follow the conversations. It didn't make sense and people kept telling me New York was gone. When I got back to my host family's home and saw the television it all clicked. I ended up coming home early from my trip because I did not like being unable to return by air while the boarders were sealed and the idea of traveling solo on a bus did not seem safe.
What were you doing on September 11th and will you be doing anything related to it in your classroom?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing about my book. I honestly believe it can be a resource that teachers need to bring some appropriate expression to the observation of 9-11 for their young students.

    I'm very grateful for your support & encouragement. Hope that your new year unfolds with ease and excitement!