Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sight Words Linky Party

I have approached sight words in different ways over the years. I do like to know where my students stand on them at the start of the year and as the year progresses. Here are the things I always try to do.

 1. I use the resources available from Mrs. Perkins here to assess the students individually. If I have a co-teacher or para they help. The kindergarten teachers at our school also have parents volunteer to help with this.

2. I make a class chart for each level of sight words. It looks like this. I use it to keep track of who needs to practice what. If I can do any grouping it helps me organize those too.

3. Each child gets a group of flash cards to practice. How they practice varies from year to year. I like to use www.spellingcity.com to give children individualized lists or a list made based on the words the kids in their small reading group seem to need to learn. Center work may include practice building, reading, or writing their words. If you can spell a word, you can read it. Here is a link that has many ways to practice sight words. I also try to send home their word cards for them to practice at home. Only a few high frequency words are truely not decodable. Here is a link to those words.

4. I retest the children monthly and revise their lists. Some children may need to be tested more frequently.

Ingles360 is having a linky party about teaching sight words. Check it out here for more ideas.

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