Sunday, July 24, 2011

New (School) Year Resolutions

One of my all-time favorite blogs, Clutter-Free Classroom, is having a linky party on the resolutions teachers are making for the new school year. If you have some, link up and share them at her party. Just click here.

I have two resolutions for this year. Since people are more likely to accomplish goals when they tell other people about them, I am going to share my resolutions with you.

1. I REALLY want to be more organized. I want to be more organized at home and at work. Life just goes smoother when I am organized. I have spent a few days at school working on decluttering and organizing my materials, but I know I will need to continue working on it every day to get to the point where I feel really organized. I have been using Fly Lady to help me establish routines and organization.

2. I've been a blog stalker for a while and recently  started working on my blog and TPT store. I really want to grow them both. I'd love to see them take off this year. I've been using Teaching Blog Traffic School to help me learn how to get it off the ground and I've used the video tutorials at Ladybug's Teacher Files to help me tweak my site.

1 comment:

  1. Those are some great goals. I need to be more organized too. Gotta love Fly Lady! I haven't done Fly Lady in a while. Maybe it's time to get back to it!