Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five

Today is Friday and that means it is time for another Friday Five. Today I wanted to share with you all some of the things I learned this week. Also, the giveaway ends at 9:00 PM EST time today!

1. The first bit of technology I want to share with you today is Blabberize. Blabberize lets you take a picture, add a recording, and animate it to look like it is talking. I made this one today. I imagine this would be great for reports on historical figures, book characters, or animals. How much fun would the kids have with this?
Before you can make your own animation, you will need to have a picture in mind. Once you have a picture in mind, you will need to sign up for a free account & log in. Next, you need to go to "Make." Find a picture by browsing. Drag the two light pink dots on the top left and bottom right corners of your picture to crop it. Click the blue arrow that is under your picture to the right side. Next, drag the red blob over your picture's mouth. Drag the small blue dots to match the size of your mouth and the small green dots to match its curve. Move the large green dot up or down to show how far you want the mouth to drop when talking. Once you have matched the red blob to the size and shape of your picture's mouth you are ready to record. To record you will need to click on the blue arrow on the lower right side of your picture. You will see recording options pop up. I use the microphone. Click it and then click the red dot. Record and click the red dot again.Click the blue triangle next to the red dot to preview it or click the blue arrow to the lower right of your picture to complete your project. It will change to say "OK." Click it again.Click the purple save button & input the title, description, and tags. Click private if you do not want it to show up in searches on the site. Click save and you will see the option "I want this on video." Click on it and then click on "Yes, convert now." Download and you are done!

2. Next, I have been using Pinterest. What is Pinterest? It is similar to a bulletin board. Except, it is online and you don't have to cut any pictures out. When you are browsing online and you see and idea you would like you pin it to your Pinterest Board. When you register you will add Pinterest to your favorites bar. After that pinning things is as easy as clicking the icon and adding your notes.  You can have multiple boards, which makes organizing things super easy. You must be invited to join Pinterest. You can request an invitation through the site, but that takes a while. If you email me through the contact form on this blog, I will invite you to join
3. I don't know about you, but I have chair pocket envy. I LOVE these. I use tables in my classroom and these would give my kiddos great storage options. However, I can't afford a classroom full of them. This week on of the fabulous blogs that I follow, First Grade Fun, did a tutorial on making them. Check it out. They really don't look that hard to make. I want to make some, but I am waiting until I have finalized my classroom theme to go buy material.

Bingo Board Creator
4. I found this awesome site, Tools for Educators, that lets you make worksheets, Bingo games, word searches, dice, board games, mazes, dominoes, and several types of worksheets. All of it is free and simple to use. 
5. Over the summer, one of the things I have been doing is looking for ideas for my classroom and trying to get organized for next year. Many of you may already be familiar with Teacher Tipster's site and his YouTube videos, but they were new to me. I have been watching a few and suggest you do too. They are full of great ideas.

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  1. We both blogged about blabberize on the same day! Great minds ;0)
    Tools for Educators looks great - going to check it out!

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