Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Online Organization Linky Party

Extra Special Teaching is holding a linky party on organizing your computer files. Uhm...yeah, I struggle with this. I am working on it now. Okay, I am working on organization in general. Right now I am in the process of combining my Dropbox and Google Docs files and sorting them into subject area folders. I am creating subfolders for each subject and sorting the subjects into subfolders one subject at a time. It's tedious, but if I am saving all these awesome ideas and files online, I need to be able to find and use them.

Another, tool I have found and am exploring is Live Binders. They are like storing web links, PDFs, pictures, etc in a 3 ring binder, except they're online.


  1. I haven't even come close to subfolders on my google docs....LOL...

    I use Ikeepbookmarks (not my school as it too organized) for both work and school for bookmarking I have it pinned to my taskbar ....Then just add to the folder I want it to go in, or ideas one ...

  2. Another blogger mentioned LiveBinders, too. I really need to check this site out! Thanks for joining my Linky Party!


  3. hmmm I didn't realize you can make subfolders in google!

    Learning Ahoy