Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guided Reading

I was wondering who else has had problems with getting your guided reading groups settled it. It seems like half the time when we switch groups someone needs something, a computer shuts down, or one of my group members takes just a minute longer than the rest to get to the table. It used to be that I lost a minute or two of time at the start of my groups while my group waited for me or one of the group members. Not now! Last year I got an idea that worked wonderfully and I wanted to share it with all the amazing teachers in blogland.

If everyone is ready I set a timer for 1 minute. If not the students just start and we stop once everyone is ready.

When my kiddos come to reading group they always see this basket sitting on top of a laminated  word find, which I set on top of a student whiteboard. You can find some word finds here. I switch mine out weekly. I am planning to make some using the words from our Reading Street series this year, but I have to find time first. :)
what's in the basket
example of a word find

They use the magnifying glass to find the words and write as many of them as they can on their whiteboards. When time is up they erase their board with the back side of the bee, put the materials back, and get out the special pencils, erasers, and sticky notes instead. Then we set the purpose for reading and get started with reading group. They take notes, write words with our word pattern, or answer a question on the sticky note after reading. Those that don't get to the sticky note may simply share orally when the others read their response.

I would love to hear any tips you have about running your guided reading groups. Leave a comment if you have any ideas, tips or tricks or if you have a blog you can join the linky party.

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  1. Wonderful way to use every moment of time! I love it and will definitely be borrowing this idea. I don't have any tips or tricks to share. :(