Friday, June 24, 2011

Freebies for the First Comment

These are my first two products for sale (not freebies) on my TPT store. The first is a tic-tac-toe style partner game for practicing the pre-primer Dolch words. The second is my Basketball Math Activities Pack. It is 50 pages and includes 4 games! The games cover odd & even, addition facts, subtraction facts, and comparing numbers. I am going to give them away to the first person who leaves a comment on this post. They will be sent as PDF files. So if you are the first person to leave a comment, please email me at after you leave a comment. Also, comments do not show up immediately.


  1. Yeah I'm first! These items looks great! Can't wait to get into them!

  2. Omgosh! I am the first person. Yay me I am excited

  3. Thank you they look great! I know that my kiddos will love them