Sunday, April 17, 2011

About Me

Teaching is my passion and privilege. I remember the excitement of walking into my first classroom. Today, I still feel blessed to have a job that is not only a career, but also a hobby and calling.

This is my 7th full year of teaching and my second year teaching first grade. I say it is my 7th full year of teaching because I started my teaching career in the middle of the year. Prior to this position, I taught special education in various settings and grades. Now I am teaching first grade and I am loving it. I have just finished my specialist degree and am involved in my district's technology program.

I am started this blog to share ideas and resources. It is so exciting! I love searching the web and finding things I can use for my classroom and have recently started making my own resources as well. Check back frequently because  I share some of those resources here.

Thanks for stopping by Fun 2B in First!

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